Use your email to track your goals

Plus it's totally free


1. Send an email to what goal you want to track to "____________" e.g.


2. Instantly get an automated heatmap report of every time you send an email to that address. and that's it


1. Do I need to signup or make an account? Is there software to install?

Nope. works just by sending emails.

2. How often do I need to send an email to

If your goal is to walk every day, then every time you accomplish your goal, you send an email to

3. Is secure? Can someone else edit or see my report? is inherently secure because it uses your email address as your unique identifier. Only someone using your email address through your email client (yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail, etc...) can send and receive emails from This means that Bania .io is just as secure as your email account. So long as your email stays safe, your reports are safe.

4. Do I need to make unique addresses for each report? What if someone already has

The addresses only need to be unique to you. You can still use even if a million people are already using it. This is because sees every user email address as unique and special - just like you!

5. Is this really free?

Yep! is a side project and is totally automated right now, so it costs very little to run.